We create novel and adaptive concepts and deliver profitable projects at every stage of maritime operations. Deltamarin finds and develops sustainable and safe ways of building and operating ships and offshore oil and gas floaters.

About us

We are a Finnish-based naval architecture and engineering firm. Our company promise: “Combining cost efficiency with sustainability”, means that sustainable design does not have to imply added costs to the ship owners or yards, it can be quite the contrary.

We specialise in consulting, design and engineering from small concept development tasks and studies to complete engineering packages in the marine field. We offer services to the Marine and Offshore industries worldwide.

In order to respond to the latest requirements endorsed upon maritime newbuildings, we use the latest technologies, such as sophisticated 3D modelling starting already at the concept design phase as well as the latest document handling and sharing applications to support effective project execution and to achieve the most optimal end result.

Thorough understanding of possible performance based legislation and rules and good old fashion engineering spiced up with experience and understanding of both shipbuilding and operation has been the hallmark of our work for the last two decades.



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Deltamarin Ltd

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