Project management services

Deltamarin’s traditional engineering service scope can be expanded into a full Project Management Service scope. Concurrent with the technical development of the concept, the construction site needs to be visited and evaluated. Every owner and special vessel tender is unique. Especially if the vessel type is new for the builder, the best way to create trust and confidence both for the owner and the yard is to prepare a realistic project execution plan for the specific building site and vessel at the early stages of the project. The pre-contract project execution schedule covers critical construction-specific issues, such as required project management organisation, master schedule, engineering strategy, architect and interior turnkey management, safe return to port (SRtP) compliance strategy, weight control procedure, HSEQ procedure, cost engineering, makers list update/strategy of material logistics and equipment localisation.

The main task of project planning is to prepare a building strategy for the newbuild and integrate all relevant schedules into one common master schedule to enable smooth execution. Additionally, interior turnkey management needs to ensure the clear scope definition between the yard and the turnkey suppliers as well as to coordinate the architectural requirements with the relevant parties. The target is to do the right things at the right time, from engineering to procurement and through construction.

As a promise to both the owners and yards, Deltamarin’s aim is not only to get the shipbuilding contract signed, but also to facilitate an affordable cost level for both parties and help yards make their special vessel deliveries reliable and successful.

The main focus in Deltamarin’s project management services is to combine the yard’s expertise with our special vessel know-how. We support and cooperate closely with the builder or main contractor in the following vital functions:

  • Contract and project management
  • Newbuilding cost evaluation
  • Yard evaluation
  • Master planning, building strategy, area scheduling
  • Procurement of project materials
  • Project material management
  • Detail design and coordination of production design
  • Construction management / site supervision
  • Warranty follow-up
  • Project information management

The selection and content of our Project Management Services is always tailored to fit the requirements of the ship type in question.  The capabilities of the building yard and owner’s available resources are also taken into account when customising the services to support a successful delivery.

Project management example

LNG-fuelled ro-pax vessel for Viking Line

Viking Line ro-pax vessel at Xiamen shipyard

After delivering the concept design to Viking Line and assisting them during the tender and contract phases, Deltamarin delivers basic and detail design as well as comprehensive project management support and supervision services for the yard.

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