Special vessel support

Many of the most demanding one-of-a-kind prototype special vessels in the world have been developed by Deltamarin. These include the world’s biggest passenger vessels and cruise liners as well as harsh-environment FPSOs. With the help of our strong expert background in functional creativity and novel solutions, our customers have been able to build cutting-edge flagship vessels, such as the Dockwise Vanguard and Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit.

Based on our special vessel knowhow, we also have been able to develop the world’s most fuel-efficient standard bulk carriers, called B.Delta.

We feel that our broad understanding of the requirements of Western ship owners, operators and offshore contractors creates a solid base to assist and support our customers when they seek and explore cost-efficient special vessel construction, for example in Asia. On the other hand, we have explored several shipyards and their ways of working in the standard shipbuilding business. In addition, many of our employees have worked at shipyards. Our customers benefit from all this cumulative process know-how concerning what needs to be done in a special vessel construction project.  This will ensure that every step of their newbuilding or conversion project proceeds to a successful end product.

Deltamarin’s comprehensive project execution planning integrates fit-for-purpose technology, best partners and practices with cost-efficient resourcing and construction anywhere in the world.

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Jari Mäki, Department Manager, Deltamarin Ltd
Jari Mäki
Department Manager
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Jarkko Nurmi - Supply Chain Manager at Deltamarin Ltd
Jarkko Nurmi
Supply Chain Manager
Mobile +358 40 1766 645

I often describe myself as a logistics enthusiast and strategic thinker. But most of all, I´m a shipbuilder to the bone. I never planned my career in the shipbuilding industry. It somehow chose me. And now, years later, I could not imagine doing anything else.

During my career, I have had the honour of taking part in some remarkable shipbuilding projects. A large-scale, complex project sets many challenges for supply chain management. Proper planning and determined actions are essential to ensure success. It is a demanding, but also highly rewarding task, especially in the last couple of months before the ship´s delivery, when you finally see all the design, plans and hard work become reality.

Now, at Deltamarin, I want to share my enthusiasm and expertise to help our customers succeed in their endeavours.

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