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We can offer you challenging work opportunities in all phases and disciplines of the ship design, offshore engineering and construction process as well as in supporting administrative functions. The variety ranges from R&D and concept development to engineering, procurement and construction project execution as well as operational support.

At Deltamarin, we strive to demonstrate our expertise by solving the challenges of our clients in the best possible way. Our everyday work is often multicultural teamwork serving well-known ship owners, offshore contractors, shipyards as well as equipment and system suppliers all around the world.

Design engineers, structural analysts, project discipline engineers and project managers are among the most common job titles our employees have. You can meet some of them on our website and read their stories. As you will notice, we appreciate both senior experts and young newcomers with fresh thinking and the willingness to develop themselves.

Step on board and bring your motivation and passion to find the right solutions for our clients!

Graduates and students

We offer rewarding and challenging opportunities for thesis research, internship or summer jobs. Many of our present employees started their Deltamarin careers during their studies.

Step on board and develop yourself!

How to apply?

Currently we do not have any specific open positions but you may send us your CV and open job application to

Kai Wegner
Project Engineer, Stability, Concept Development
I was born and raised in Germany but spent my summer holidays at our lakeside cottage in Finland where I got in touch and fell in love with swimming which I later extended from lakes to seas.

The seas are an important natural environment to be protected, also allowing us to transport goods efficiently around the world. For securing that we need energy and environmental efficient ships. And this is what we at Deltamarin always aim at.
Growing up with dual nationality, I am used to act between cultures. I studied Naval Architecture both in Germany and Finland choosing the best and most interesting parts from both universities and combining them to fit me best.

That is what I do also at work, combine and mix best practices and technologies from different countries and cultures to find the best solutions for our customers. That makes me happy as long as we continue to innovate even more energy and environmental efficient vessels – and I can still go swimming.

Do you want to jump into the sea of challenges and develop with us?

Kai 609x350

Robert Hellsten
Project Manager

In my role as project manager for large offshore engineering projects I have learned that the ingredients of the engineering team need to be correct and of high quality. The same applies when cooking a nice meal during the weekend which is my passion. If you are not using high quality ingredients in a correct balance you cannot expect a top result.

Luckily we at Deltamarin have in our engineering team a good mix of both experienced senior engineers and young bright engineers ready to challenge any project and at the same time develop themselves. Teamwork, coordination and communication within the engineering team and with our clients are the key ingredients to our success story.

We dare to challenge ourselves. For instance, the complete detail engineering of the 382-metre long and 126-metre wide Pioneering Spirit (ex. Pieter Schelte), touted as the largest vessel in the world, is a landmark we are very proud of.

Are you a potential young talent or a senior cook interested in challenging the extreme with us?

Robban 609x350