Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Have you been pondering matters concerning naval architecture or marine engineering? Here are some recently asked questions about these matters with answers from our experts. If you cannot find your question here, write it below and let us find you the answer.

Deltamarin is in contact with Blue Star Line regarding the Titanic II project. We are currently undertaking a review of the work we had previously completed on the Titanic II project. Further information will be released soon.

You have come to the right place. Deltamarin has a lot of experience in designing bulk carriers. Based on our famous B.Delta design we have developed several types of bulk carriers, including self-unloaders. More than 120 vessels based on our design have already been ordered. Check out our bulker references.

Our services cover a wide selection of services from feasibility studies to handing over the final vessel (including commissioning support), and life-long support. We handle all design disciplines and phases in both newbuilding and conversion projects.

We would be happy to assist you. Our sales team has already sent a personal message to you.

Energy efficiency and operational efficiency are issues that every ship owner is targeting today. Deltamarin offers a range of services in this field, on the basis of both your vessel’s documentation and on-board audits. We will build up the theoretical model of your vessel based on the design material, analyse your annual operation profile and help you identify the areas and applications with most saving potential.

Depending on your vessel type and operation, this can be anything from proposing schedule changes and measures to improve your harbour stay to hull form changes like a bow or duct tail modification. The end result is a roadmap for your energy-efficiency strategy, a list of potential energy-saving ideas including potential investment cost and payback time, a basis for decision-making and strategic planning for your management.

Read our blog about how to improve the energy efficiency of your fleet.

Please contact our ship design sales team for more information and a tailored proposal for your fleet.

The correct answer to that question is really difficult to give, as there are so many ways to choose from to comply with the stricter regulations.

The main challenges are the upcoming stricter SOx and NOx regulations. The global SOx limit will be set to 0.5% from the beginning of 2020 and the current ECA areas are already enforcing a limit of 0.1% for SOx emissions.  New NOx limits will also likely come into force in 2021 in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel and make life even harder for ship operators (NOx regulations in North American and US Caribbean coastal areas are already in force).

The strategy we have least to contribute to is the one where owners simply opt to change to cleaner fuel. For other alternatives, be it installing scrubbers or converting to the use of LNG or methanol, we can offer a wide variety of services from feasibility studies outlining OPEX, CAPEX and the impact on vessel arrangements to detailed conversion design work, even carrying out the conversion as a turnkey delivery.

Absolutely, You have come to the right place. When it comes to owners with both conversion and newbuilding needs, we like to think of ourselves as your “one-stop shop”. We propose to begin with a feasibility study to conclude the best growth strategy. Let’s put numbers on paper, estimate cost and calculate ROI for both conversion and newbuilding. For conversion, we can have a look at several options for you to be able to decide on the most feasible extent of conversion to match the long-term plan of replacing the vessels with new builds.

There are many parameters to take into account in this type of strategic business planning, which are difficult to overview if you operate with a slim land-based organisation. We will be happy to complement your organisation with our feasibility and market research functions to help you with your strategic decision-making.

Read more about our feasibility study and other services.

Please contact our ship design sales team for more information.

Yes. Deltamarin has developed the F.Delta FPSO family, which includes three design variants: the internal turret, the external turret and the spread moored versions. These designs have been optimised for stationary production operations and carry all the advantages of purpose-built units, a competitive construction price and schedule without the risks involved in a conversion project. The designs are parametric, so scaling storage and production capabilities up or down is fully possible.

Check out our references.

Please contact our offshore sales team for technical data sheets and more information.

Deltamarin can help in many ways.

For example, we can deploy a structural analysis team to survey the candidate hull in co-operation with the contractor already in the first days and weeks of the project, or even before the candidate hull is acquired. This analysis will be aided by a preliminary structural assessment, which gives information about the major structural problems expected in the project and saves a significant amount of time during later design phases.

In addition, our design methods ensure the most cost-effective and rational design for any given environment. See our references for more information.

Deltamarin can take over the whole EPCM process to ensure a total solution to meet your exact needs.

On top of that, Deltamarin can deploy a site team to inspect the construction yard and give an expert opinion of the yard’s capabilities and potential points of development.

Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) refers to floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations, i.e. technologies designed to enable the development of offshore natural gas resources. While no operating FLNG facilities currently exist, many facilities are in development at the moment. Floating above an offshore natural gas field, the FLNG facility will produce, liquefy, store and transfer LNG much like an FPSO produces and handles crude oil.

We at Deltamarin have carried out our first FLNG projects in recent years and accumulated our expertise in that area rapidly.

Please contact our offshore sales team for more information.

Yes, our Concept Development department works with a wide range of innovative companies looking at the marine business and offers them studies on what is required and expected of similar marine products. The core of this is to offer guidance in the jungle of marine legislation and classification rules and the varying requirements for different vessel types and operations. It could be that your product will be brilliant for some niche market of the marine segment that you have a hard time identifying. The vessel type-specific requirements differ very much if we are talking about a cruise vessel, harbour tug or container vessel.

Please contact our ship design sales team for a proposal.

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