Deltamarin's answers to some current challenges in shipping

Shipping today is facing many challenges in the form of new technologies and regulations, especially concerning environmental issues and safety. Energy efficiency, choice of fuel, emission control regulations, Ballast Water Management, Safe Return to Port – all these make extra demands on ship design and operation. Over the years, Deltamarin has also been heavily studying these topics to help our clients navigate through all the regulatory changes and better understand the impact of technology. In the following, our answers to some of these issues are presented more in detail.

Future fuel options and emission control

Ship owners are facing requirements with the existing and future regulations to reduce ship emissions. The choice of fuel and other new technologies becomes more crucial. At Deltamarin, we have carried out extensive research and development studying the ways to reduce emissions and save energy, for example by creating many concepts with LNG as fuel.

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Energy efficiency in ship design and operation

Reducing operating costs is one of the main concerns of the shipping industry today. To help ship owners and operators boost the energy efficiency of their vessels, since day one Deltamarin has strongly focused on Energy and Environmental Efficiency (EEE).

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Safe Return to Port

The SOLAS regulations on Safe Return to Port require medium-sized and large passenger vessels to be designed for improved survivability. To assist ship owners and yards, we at Deltamarin have compiled packages on the scope of SRtP-related design and documentation following the different life-cycle phases of the newbuilding.

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Ballast Water Management

Since the IMO Assembly Resolution was adopted in 2004, Deltamarin has been working closely with ship owners, suppliers and many shipyards to meet its recommendations. We can help ship owners prepare BWM plans for their fleets, and we also offer assistance in selecting the correct ballast water handling strategy.

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EU MRV Shipping requirements for ship owners

To reduce emissions from the shipping sector, the European Union has set out to regulate the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Together with First Choice Carbon, Deltamarin offers support for ship owners to bring their vessels into full compliance with the EU MRV system with a minimum of in-house effort.

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