Special offshore vessels

Special offshore vessels are prototype designs that are usually unique and unprecedented in one way or the other. Recent notable projects that have passed through our hands include the Pioneering Spirit.

Because of their unique nature, special vessels require a solid background in marine and offshore engineering as well as state-of-the-art engineering methods and tools. The big difference between copying old projects and creating new ones through learning from experience plays a huge part in these projects. Our history of thousands of ship and offshore projects gives us the confidence and workmanship that you need in your project.

Deltamarin offers project teams ranging from small outline design teams of a couple of engineers to full integrated engineering project teams of several hundred people. We can cover all phases and disciplines of your unique special vessel project.

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Example of our special offshore vessel references

Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit D.P. Platform Installation/Removal and Pipelay Vessel - Allseas

One of the largest individual engineering packages contracted by Deltamarin for the largest construction and pipelay vessel ever built.

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Grzegorz Mazerski, Manager, R&D, Deltamarin Poland
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Family, engineering and orienteering are my three passions. In both of the latter, you need to know what to do before you start, plan the best route to the finish line, and give your best to fulfill the plan in a satisfactory fashion.

Recently I took on two challenges. The first was designing an FPSO for the harshest environment and ensuring we properly understand its motions, stability and loads acting on it. The other was traveling over 100 kilometres on foot within 24 hours, finding 18 checkpoints on the way. Both tasks were demanding and tested my limits – yet both were possible because my team and I dared to challenge preconceptions. This is why I look forward to more extraordinary tasks of both kinds.