References: Ship Design

References: Ship Design

Energy efficiency audits

Energy efficiency: from Mindmap to Roadmap

Every vessel’s operation can be improved and operation costs reduced. Based on the continuous development work Deltamarin has so far conducted energy efficiency audits evaluated systems and operational issues of about 30 vessels for more than 10 shipowners.

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Cruise vessel

AIDAprima cruise vessel (credit AIDA Cruises)

Deltamarin delivered interior detail design services for the Theater deck of the AIDAprima cruise vessel built for AIDA Cruises.

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Hero class PCTC

Pure Car Truck Carrier 8,000 CEU

Titus PCTC - credit Wallenius Marine

Deltamarin provided the owner Wallenius Line with concept design, and the yard Tianjin Xingang with basic and detail design for the Hero class PCTC (pure car truck carrier) capable of carrying 8,000 CEUs.

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Hybrid Road Ferry ‘Elektra’

Elektra hybrid road ferry - Finferries

Customer: FinFerries Oy – Suomen lauttaliikenne — Diesel electric battery hybrid vessel capable of operating on mere battery power most part of the year for domestic traffic (area D), Finland.

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PCTC ‘Höegh Target’

8,500 CEU / 71,400 m² Pure Car Truck Carrier

Höegh Target PCTC (credit Höegh Autoliners)

Customers: Höegh Autoliners, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd — Deltamarin provided design services for the world’s highest capacity Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) with deck area to carry 8,500 car equivalent units and flexibility to carry also high and heavy project cargo.

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