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Stolt Pride chemical tanker

Stolt Pride, stainless steel parcel chemical tanker based on Deltamarin's Ch.Delta38 design

The energy-efficient and operationally flexible chemical tankers are based on Deltamarin’s Ch.Delta38 design. Deltamarin provided design services for the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard after developing the concept for Stolt Tankers.

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Safety audits

Safety audits

Deltamarin has experience from about 50 ship audits in safety and environmental issues. Our efficient and systematic process developed together with ship owners improves vessel properties even beyond the existing rules.

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Energy efficiency audits

Energy efficiency: from Mindmap to Roadmap

Every vessel’s operation can be improved and operation costs reduced. Based on the continuous development work Deltamarin has so far conducted energy efficiency audits evaluated systems and operational issues of about 30 vessels for more than 10 shipowners.

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12,000 dwt Chemical Carrier

Turchese - chemical carrier

Customer: C.N. Mario Morini SpA — Deltamarin provided the yard with design services including several studies and calculations.

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‘Stolt Shearwater’

5,400 m³ Chemical Parcel Tanker

Stolt Shearwater - chemical parcel tanker

Customers: Stolt Parcel Tankers Inc., INMA SpA — Deltamarin delivered project design services for the owner and basic design services for the yard.

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6,500 DWT Chemical Tanker

Smeraldo tanker

Customer: Cantiere Navale Mario Morini SpA — Deltamarin delivered project development services for the tanker intended for year-round operation in the Baltic Sea.

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‘Isola Ambra’

7,900 dwt Chemical Tanker

Isola Ambra - chemical tanker

Customer: Aarhus Flydedok A/S — Deltamarin assisted the yard by providing a complete structural detail design package.

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