Multipurpose Feeder

Multipurpose Feeder

650 TEU

Multipurpose feeder for Merilinja
Customers: Merilinja Oy, Finland
Owner: Merilinja Oy, Finland

Main dimensions of the feeder

Container capacity 650 TEU
LOA 136.4 m
Breadth, moulded 19.2 m
Draught 7.7 m
Speed, service 15 knots
Deadweight 7,740 t
LSA capacity 25
Ice class 1A Super


  • Outline project development of the concept for yard tendering purposes.

Customer Benefits:

  • Small fuel consumption with dual fuel engines running on LNG.
  • Designed for specific route, operation and harbours.

Other Benefits:

  • Total container capacity of about 650 TEU in three holds and on hatch covers

Special Features:

  • Dual fuel engines.
  • Two spherical LNG tanks located vertically between holds 2 and 3.
Kristian Knaapi
Head of Sales & Marketing
Tel. +358 2 4336 453
Mobile +358 40 7006 905
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