Turnkey hybrid scrubber system installation

Deltamarin Floating Construction's scrubber turnkey delivery
Customers: Oy Langh Ship Ab, Finland
Vessels: Multipurpose vessels M/S AILA and M/S LINDA, 11,500 DWT
Main engine: Wärtsilä 8L46C 8,400 kW
Shipyard: Turku Repair Yard, Finland
Vessels: General cargo ships M/S MARJATTA and M/S HJÖRDIS, 6,500 DWT
Main engine: Wärtsilä 6L46B 5,850 kW
Shipyard: Western Shipyard, Finland

Deltamarin Floating Construction took care of the turnkey delivery of DeltaLangh hybrid type scrubbers to Langh Ship vessels M/S Aila, M/S Linda, M/S Marjatta and M/S Hjördis. The delivery consisted of a combined closed and open loop scrubber system for 8MW and 6MW engines output with the patented water treatment and dewatering plant installation and system support.

Auxiliary equipment was installed into available spaces in engine and auxiliary rooms. Major part of the scrubber installations were executed during the 2 week dry docking of the ships’ normal scheduled maintenance, and finalised and commissioned during operation.

Deltamarin Floating Construction scrubber installation ready

Deltamarin Floating Construction scrubber installation ready onboard MS Aila.

Jari Mäki, Department Manager, Deltamarin Ltd
Jari Mäki
Department Manager
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