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Ship Design

Ship Design

Ship design process

Deltamarin's services cover all the phases and all disciplines of the ship design process. Each project is planned according to the customer’s needs and preferences. In addition to ship owners and shipyards, we offer consulting services also for equipment and system suppliers.
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"The Deltamarin design philosophy is about seeing the big picture."
"In my work I get to combine constant development, energy efficiency and committed team work."

Cruise vessels

Over the history of Deltamarin, cruise vessels have always been one of the main products we have had the privilege to be involved in. By working with all project stakeholders like owner, yard, system suppliers and classification societies, Deltamarin has been able to generate a unique centre of excellence in cruise vessel design and project management.
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Ferries and ro-pax vessels

Most ferries are unique designs based on their route, freight and passenger capacity and onboard services. Based on the experience of hundreds of ferry concepts, Deltamarin knows how to meet the ship owner's design targets cost effectively resulting best-in-class vessel. Examples of our development work are the DeltaChallenger, an energy efficient and environmentally friendly ro-pax vessel and the DeltaLinx, a compact ferry designed for short coastal routes.
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"I have the pleasure to pass on my knowledge and find the best solutions for our customers."
"We all constantly learn from each other."

Ro-ro & PCTC vessels

Designing the world’s highest capacity Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) underlines the value Deltamarin can offer for the Ro-Ro industry. Following a wide range of references of several types of Ro-Ro vessels from PCTCs to traditional Ro-Ro carriers, Deltamarin is one of the leading designers in the industry.
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Bulk carriers

The success of Deltamarin's B.Delta Series has shown the trust of world-known ship owners; so far well over 100 B.Deltas and derivates have been ordered. The B.Delta Series represent the best fuel efficiency in bulk carriers, the first real eco designs. You will benefit from high fuel economy, efficient and flexible cargo configurations and high deadweight in a compact design. All this combined with shallow draft and best cargo intake.
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"Ship design, in every aspect, is very much team play."
"Passion, talent and a constant readiness to step up to the next level give the best result for the customer."


Deltamarin’s experience and results with energy efficient bulk carriers are now available for tanker owners as well. Our tanker designs are representing the best fuel efficiency in the tanker market. By developing your tanker concept together with Deltamarin, you will be able to integrate your special requirements to the specification, and the vessel will be optimised to your operational needs. An example of our development work is the Aframax-sized tanker concept for arctic use, created together with Aker Arctic.
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Container vessels

Based on the experience gathered during hundreds of concept development projects, Deltamarin has the ability to develop the most optimised design tailored for owner’s special needs and operational profile. We have done systematic R&D work for years to understand the correct solutions for different design challenges and our philosophy is to study the feasibility of available technologies for the specific project. A.Delta2300 container feeder design is an example of this development work.
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"Like golf, all design work demands patience and concentration."
"I need to foresee and be prepared for what is coming, to be flexible and ready for making fast decisions."

Other vessels

Deltamarin has a long history of designing challenging special vessels based on owner’s individual need. This has covered ConRo vessels, reefer vessels, navy vessels, hospital vessels, yachts and so on. Out of the box thinking has resulted in innovative concepts which have fulfilled the owner’s needs in the most economically sound way.
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Ship Design References

During the past over twenty years we have gained experience of an unsurpassed number of proven innovations at sea. Our references cover all the main merchant ship types.
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