Bulk carriers

The success of Deltamarin’s B.Delta Series has demonstrated the trust of globally-renowned ship owners. So far over 120 B.Delta bulk carriers and derivates have been ordered.

The B.Delta Series represents the best fuel efficiency in bulk carriers, the first true eco designs. You will benefit from high fuel economy, efficient and flexible cargo configurations and high deadweight in a compact design. All this is combined with shallow draft and the best cargo intake.

The B.Delta Series

Max DWT DFOC (ME)* Speed
B.Delta25 28,000 t 16.8 mt 14 kn
B.Delta37 40,700 t 17.6 mt 14 kn
B.Delta43 43,500 t 17.8 mt 14 kn
B.Delta64 63,700 t 23.2 mt 14.5 kn
B.Delta82 81,700 t 26.7 mt 14.5 kn
B.Delta210 210,000 t 45.0 mt 14.5 kn

* Daily fuel oil consumption of main engine at design draft and ISO conditions, incl 15% sea margin

It is your choice and specification!

For conversions, Deltamarin offers you a wide range of services from feasibility studies for Emission Control Areas (ECA) operations or fuel saving modifications to full EPCM package deliveries.

Example of our bulk carrier references

B.Delta37 Bulk Carrier for CNCo

CNCo MV Wuchang bulk carrier based on Deltamarin's B.Delta37 design

Customers: The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd., Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd — CNCo has ordered sixteen firm units at Chengxi Shipyard and eight at Zhejiang Ouhua Shipyard. The first ever B.Delta37 bulk carrier, MV Wuchang, was delivered to CNCo in 2013.

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