Container vessels

While some players focus on developing record-large container vessels for long-haul operation, Deltamarin aims at breaking records with energy-efficient, compact and economical designs to build feeder container vessels. Based on the experience gathered over hundreds of concept development projects, Deltamarin has the ability to develop the most optimised design tailored to your specific needs and operational profile.

Designing a container vessel always includes a great set of design targets and constraints. These may include restrictions in main dimensions and special features like ice class and new environmental regulations. At Deltamarin, we have carried out systematic R&D work for years to understand the correct solutions for different design challenges, and our philosophy is always to study the feasibility of available technologies for the specific project.

Deltamarin is an independent design company with no connections to equipment manufacturers, which gives us the freedom to select the most suitable and economically-sound components for our designs. Based on a concept design package developed by Deltamarin, it is easy to get quotes from selected shipyards and to compare the offers.

Read here about our future Container Feeder design, the A.Delta2300.

For conversions, Deltamarin offers you a wide range of services from feasibility studies for the Emission Control Areas (ECA) operations or fuel saving modifications to full EPC package deliveries of scrubbers or ballast water treatment systems.

Example of our container vessel references

Bunga Mas Lima

Customer: Münchmeyer, Petersen GmbH & Co. KG — Deltamarin delivered design services from project development through basic design to delivery documentation.

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Henri Räsänen
Design Engineer, Electric & Automation

Take your stance, aim, swing, pick your ball out of the hole. These are the steps in making every golfer’s dream, a hole in one! Sounds easy, but it is the most difficult thing in the world.

During my career of more than five years in Deltamarin’s electrical department, I have been involved in many interesting projects and vessel types. Every vessel type has its own demands and different nuances on the electrical side, such as the freezer container power supply requirement in container vessels. Like golf, they all demand patience and concentration. My constant aim is to achieve a hole in one in both.