Deltamarin tanker designs represent the best fuel efficiency in the tanker market, and our experience and results from the energy efficient bulk carriers are now available to tanker owners as well.

By developing a tanker concept together with Deltamarin, you will be able to integrate your special requirements into the specification, and the vessel will be optimised to your specific operational needs. The basic features of Deltamarin tanker designs include the best-in-class fuel economy, large cargo volume and high deadweight, all in a compact, shallow-draft design.

We at Deltamarin can assist you in ensuring that the yard tendering process will be based on equal specifications allowing easy tender comparison, and resulting in an optimised vessel design.

Read here about the modern Aframax-sized tanker concept for arctic use developed by Deltamarin together with Aker Arctic. The design integrates optimised ice breaking and open water performance as well as the latest energy efficiency features applied together with the Polar Code requirements.

Together with Brevik Technology AS we have developed a novel multigas carrier design, G.Delta, which is based on Deltamarin’s B.Delta design and the new-generation patented cylindrical gas tanks by Brevik Technology. Along with newbuilds, the design will also be available for retrofit vessels, such as the conversion of a bulk carrier to gas carrier. Read more here.

For conversions Deltamarin offers you a wide range of services from feasibility studies for Emission Control Areas (ECA) operations or fuel saving modifications to full EPCM package deliveries.

Example of our tanker references

Ch.Delta38 chemical tanker

Stolt Pride, stainless steel parcel chemical tanker based on Deltamarin's Ch.Delta38 design

The energy-efficient and operationally flexible chemical tankers are based on Deltamarin’s Ch.Delta38 design. Deltamarin provided design services for the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard after developing the concept for Stolt Tankers.

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Markku Varjonen
Technical Manager, Deltamarin China
My passions are music and travelling. Learning to play a new song or a new instrument gives me great satisfaction. A similar feeling comes from overcoming a technical challenge or developing a new design. Over my 20 years journey with Deltamarin, I have always enjoyed the direct communication with our international clientele. That has led me and my family to China in 2011 to offer our clients localised support. In our Shanghai office we have a strong team of experts with a good insight into the Chinese shipbuilding.

Designing a vessel is like playing in a band. You need to find a good balance and harmony – members supporting each other making in a functional entity. When every piece clicks into its right place you will have a satisfied customer.

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