About us

Deltamarin Group has over 25 years of experience in providing ship design, offshore engineering and construction services for marine and offshore industries worldwide.

Our expertise covers fit-for-purpose designs in all ship types and offshore vessels. We handle all design disciplines and phases in newbuilding and conversion projects. We are dedicated to delivering services throughout a vessel’s lifecycle – from concept development and engineering to project management during shipbuilding and commissioning. For operating vessels, we offer a wide range of services to maintain the fleet in excellent condition, or even upgrade it to the next level.

We have 400 experts in Finland, Poland, Croatia and China. Ship owners and operators, shipyards, oil companies, offshore contractors and marine suppliers are all our esteemed clients.

Deltamarin is part of AVIC Group, a Fortune Global 500 corporation.

Success is made of expertise and passion

We have references from more than 5,000 complex marine and offshore projects covering the entire lifecycle of passenger, cargo and offshore vessels. Thousands of ship concepts have been developed by our experts and hundreds of vessels of our design are sailing across the oceans.

We are passionate about designing and engineering solutions for challenging marine and offshore conditions. Our aim is to strengthen our clients’ businesses by innovating high-end vessels and supporting their construction with more efficient and fit-for-purpose solutions.

Deltamarin China

Since 2006, a local Deltamarin team has been taking care of the important interface role in China as part of Deltamarin Group. Deltamarin China’s 50 local specialists and project managers participate in the design and support construction process for both shipyards and ship owners. With experience in engineering and knowledge of Chinese shipbuilding methods, the local team members are professionals in taking care of the interface between design and production. They truly have the knowledge of the best practices for building a vessel in China.

Deltamarin China’s services vary from project management and concept development to basic and detail engineering with localised technical support and assistance.

Deltamarin Poland

Since 2008, the Deltamarin team in Poland has supported Deltamarin Group with design resources in large projects. In addition, as an independent company it provides the full scope of design and engineering services including project management, procurement and production supervision. Deltamarin Poland’s 50-plus designers and managers in all disciplines work together with ship owners, shipyards, other design companies and technical universities.

Design services include concept design, pre-FEED, feasibility studies, technical analyses

Engineering services include basic design, FEED, detail design, production design, inspections and site assistance

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Key facts

Turnover €36 M in 2015
Personnel incl. associated companies 400 employees
Year of establishment 1990
Headquarters Turku, Finland
Other locations Poland, China, Croatia
Managing Director Mr Mika Laurilehto
Chairman of the Board Dr Diao Weicheng
Ownership 79.57% AVIC International Maritime Holdings Limited (listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange), 20.43% active management

Deltamarin - worldwide expertise

Mika Laurilehto
Managing Director
Tel. +358 2 4336 300
The old sailor´s saying ”do not blame the weather, learn to navigate” is quite a profound wisdom applicable for many other fields of life as well. The countless hours and days spent in sailboats on the race tracks out in the sea have taught me to make continuous observations of the ever changing conditions and adjust the course and trim in order to be the first at the finish line.

The same principles are very useful in conducting successful business. Our target is to be the best in what we do and even exceed our client’s expectations. Our sensitively acting and innovative crew makes the most out of the elements around us and always strives for top results.

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